Commit 18965b84 authored by florent's avatar florent Committed by florent
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If initial configuration is valid, no need to check config extractor.

	* src/hppProblem.cpp: add a test in validateInitConfig method.
parent b804d93a
......@@ -239,6 +239,10 @@ ktStatus ChppProblem::checkProblem() const
ktStatus ChppProblem::validateInitConfig(CkwsConfigShPtr& inOutInitConfig,
CkwsPathShPtr& inOutPath) const
if (validateConfig(getRobot(), initConfig()) == KD_OK) {
ODEBUG2(":validateInitConfig: initial configuration is valid.");
return KD_OK;
If initial configuration is not valid and configuration extractor
has been set, try to extract a valid configuration in the neighborhood
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