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# TSID - Task Space Inverse Dynamics
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......@@ -51,14 +50,32 @@ To run the demo using gepetto-viewer:
This package is authored by:
- [Andread Del Prete](https://andreadelprete.github.io) (University of Trento)
- [Andrea Del Prete](https://andreadelprete.github.io) (University of Trento)
- [Justin Carpentier](https://jcarpent.github.io) (INRIA)
It includes key contributions from:
- [Julian Viereck](https://github.com/jviereck) (Max Planck Institute, New York University)
- [Sanghyun Kim](https://github.com/ggory15) (Seoul National University)
- [Eloise Dalin](https://github.com/dalinel) (LORIA, INRIA Lorraine)
- [Noelie Ramuzat](https://github.com/NoelieRamuzat) (LAAS, CNRS)
- [Pierre Fernbach](https://github.com/pFernbach) (LAAS, CNRS)
- [Aurelie Bonnefoy](https://github.com/ABonnefoy) (LAAS, CNRS)
And is maintained by:
- [Guilhem Saurel](https://github.com/nim65s) (LAAS-CNRS)
## Citing
If you are (or not) happy with TSID and want to cite it, please use the following citation:
@inproceedings {adelprete:jnrh:2016,
title = {Implementing Torque Control with High-Ratio Gear Boxes and without Joint-Torque Sensors},
booktitle = {Int. Journal of Humanoid Robotics},
year = {2016},
pages = {1550044},
url = {https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-01136936/document},
author = {Andrea Del Prete, Nicolas Mansard, Oscar E Ramos, Olivier Stasse, Francesco Nori}
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