Commit e93c0588 authored by Thomas Moulard's avatar Thomas Moulard
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Merge pull request #6 from damien-petit/addCameraOpPoint

fix missing matrixToTuple function for hrp2_10 close #5
parents 0c33ce83 4ba18c1a
......@@ -20,6 +20,14 @@ import numpy as np
from dynamic_graph.sot.hrp2.dynamic_hrp2_10 import DynamicHrp2_10
hrp2_10_pkgdatarootdir = "@HRP2_10_PKGDATAROOTDIR@/hrp2-10"
# Internal helper tool.
def matrixToTuple(M):
tmp = M.tolist()
res = []
for i in tmp:
return tuple(res)
class Robot (Hrp2):
This class instanciates LAAS Hrp2 robot
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