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Add information files for first release.

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Olivier Stasse
Thomas Moulard
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Release v1.0.0, 2012-01-16:
Olivier Stasse (17):
Add independent sot controller loaded through an abstract interface.
The HRP-2 controller files.
Fix problems for compiling.
Synchronize cmake.
Working hrp2-controller inside sot-hrp2-sys.
Implement the one robot one sot-library strategy.
Proper initialization of the robots.
Fix name for sot-hrp2-14-controller.
Add np import.
Includes of the optimized dynamics for hrp2-10 and hrp2-14.
Modify wrong inclusion path.
Add python wrapper + dependencies to appropriates libraries.
Remove dependency to old dynamics library.
Remove output message in the controller.
Reorganize the sot-hrp2-controller.
Minor indentation
Remove unnecessary include file.
Thomas Moulard (2):
Initial work.
Migrate Python files properly.
This packages provides a generic Stack Of Tasks library
for the humanoid robot HRP2. This library is highly
portable and can be used in various simulators, and
the robot itself.
To compile this package, it is recommended to create a separate build
mkdir _build
cd _build
cmake [OPTIONS] ..
make install
Please note that CMake produces a `CMakeCache.txt` file which should
be deleted to reconfigure a package from scratch.
To use:
To embed this library an example is provided in:
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