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<description brief="Simple humanoid model">
This package provides URDF, SRDF and RCPDF models for a simple
humanoid model.
<author>Antonio El Khoury</author>
<review status="experimental" notes=""/>
<rosdoc config="rosdoc.yaml" />
<?xml version="1.0"?>
This file defines semantics group of joints.
It is an alternative way of specifying semantics on the robot
It also provides:
- the half-sitting robot state,
TODO: - add the grippers
TODO: - the set of interesting collision pairs
<robot name=simple_humanoid>
<!-- groups -->
<!-- To remove when the grippers will be added
<group name="r_arm">
<chain base_link="torso" tip_link="r_gripper"/>
<group name="l_arm">
<chain base_link="torso" tip_link="l_gripper"/>
<group name="r_leg">
<chain base_link="base_link" tip_link="r_foot"/>
<group name="l_leg">
<chain base_link="base_link" tip_link="l_foot"/>
<!-- To remove when the grippers will be added
<group name="arms">
<group name="l_arm"/>
<group name="r_arm"/>
<group name="all">
<group name="arms"/>
<!-- end effector -->
<!-- To remove when the grippers will be added
<end_effector name="r_arm" parent_link="r_gripper" group="r_arm"/>
<end_effector name="l_arm" parent_link="l_gripper" group="l_arm"/>
<end_effector name="r_leg" parent_link="r_foot" group="r_leg"/>
<end_effector name="l_leg" parent_link="l_foot" group="l_leg"/>
<!-- pre-defined states -->
<!-- simple_humanoid pre-defined states -->
<group_state name="half_sitting" group="all">
<joint name="waist" value="0 0 0 0 0 0 " />
<joint name="RLEG_HIP_R" value="0" />
<joint name="RLEG_HIP_P" value="0" />
<joint name="RLEG_HIP_Y" value="0" />
<joint name="RLEG_KNEE" value="0" />
<joint name="RLEG_ANKLE_P" value="0" />
<joint name="RLEG_ANKLE_R" value="0" />
<joint name="RARM_SHOULDER_P"value="0" />
<joint name="RARM_SHOULDER_R"value="0" />
<joint name="RARM_SHOULDER_Y"value="0" />
<joint name="RARM_ELBOW" value="0" />
<joint name="RARM_WRIST_Y" value="0" />
<joint name="RARM_WRIST_P" value="0" />
<joint name="RARM_WRIST_R" value="0" />
<joint name="LLEG_HIP_R" value="0" />
<joint name="LLEG_HIP_P" value="0" />
<joint name="LLEG_HIP_Y" value="0" />
<joint name="LLEG_KNEE" value="0" />
<joint name="LLEG_ANKLE_P" value="0" />
<joint name="LLEG_ANKLE_R" value="0" />
<joint name="LARM_SHOULDER_P"value="0" />
<joint name="LARM_SHOULDER_R"value="0" />
<joint name="LARM_SHOULDER_Y"value="0" />
<joint name="LARM_ELBOW" value="0" />
<joint name="LARM_WRIST_Y" value="0" />
<joint name="LARM_WRIST_P" value="0" />
<joint name="LARM_WRIST_R" value="0" />
<joint name="WAIST_P" value="0" />
<joint name="WAIST_R" value="0" />
<joint name="CHEST" value="0" />
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<description brief="Simple humanoid robot">
Simple humanoid robot stack.
<author>Maintained by Antonio El Khoury</author>
<review status="experimental" notes=""/>
<depend stack="ros" />
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