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......@@ -162,13 +162,13 @@ namespace pinocchio
static const SE3 id = SE3::Identity();
int njoints = modelA.njoints + modelB.njoints - 1;
model.names .reserve (njoints);
model.joints .reserve (njoints);
model.jointPlacements .reserve (njoints);
model.parents .reserve (njoints);
model.inertias .reserve (njoints);
model.names .reserve ((size_t)njoints);
model.joints .reserve ((size_t)njoints);
model.jointPlacements .reserve ((size_t)njoints);
model.parents .reserve ((size_t)njoints);
model.inertias .reserve ((size_t)njoints);
int nframes = modelA.nframes + modelB.nframes - 1;
model.frames .reserve (nframes);
model.frames .reserve ((size_t)nframes);
geomModel.geometryObjects.reserve (geomModelA.ngeoms + geomModelB.ngeoms);
......@@ -82,12 +82,14 @@ BOOST_AUTO_TEST_SUITE ( BOOST_TEST_MODULE )
//TODO fix inertia of the base
SE3 aMb = SE3::Random();
FrameIndex fid = humanoid.addFrame (Frame ("humanoid/add_manipulator",
int fid = humanoid.addFrame (Frame ("humanoid/add_manipulator",
humanoid.getFrameId("humanoid/chest2_joint"), aMb,
appendModel (humanoid, manipulator, geomHumanoid, geomManipulator, fid,
BOOST_CHECK(fid >= 0);
appendModel (humanoid, manipulator, geomHumanoid, geomManipulator, (FrameIndex)fid,
SE3::Identity(), model, geomModel);
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