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Pinocchio: a C++ library for efficient Rigid Multi-body Dynamics computations
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**Warning:** This repository contains [Git
submodules][git-submodules]. Please clone this repository using the
`git clone --recursive` command. If you already have cloned the
repository, you can run `git submodule init && git submodule update`
to retrieve the submodules.
**Pinocchio** instatiates state-of-the-art Rigid Body Algotithms for poly-articulated systems based on revisited Roy Featherstone's algorithms. It is first tailored for legged robotics applications, but it can be used in extra contextes.
It is built upon Eigen for linear algebra and FCL for collision detections. **Pinocchio** comes with a Python interface for fast code protyping.
**Pinocchio** is now at the hearth of various robotics softwares as the [Stack-of-Tasks]( or the [Humanoid Path Planner](
For general information about the project, please refer to its
## Installation
**Pinocchio** can be easily installed on various Linux and Unix distributions. Please refer to the [installation procedure](
To compile this package, it is recommended to create a separate build
mkdir _build
cd _build
cmake [OPTIONS] ..
make install
Please note that CMake produces a `CMakeCache.txt` file which should
be deleted to reconfigure a package from scratch.
### Dependencies
## Dependencies
The Pinocchio software depends on several packages which
have to be available on your machine.
- Libraries:
- eigen3 (version >= 3.0.5)
- boost unit_test_framework filesystem
- Optional:
- urdfdom (version >= 0.3.0)
- LUA (version == 5.1)
- System tools:
- CMake (>=2.6)
### Build dependencies
- cmake (version >= 2.6)
- pkg-config
- usual compilation tools (GCC/G++, make, etc.)
- Bindings:
- Python: Python 2.7 + Numpy + Boost python + EigenPy (
### Install standalone urdfdom
In order to read urdf files (see for the description), one haves to install the urdfdom package which can come either along ROS library or be installed as a standalone library. Next section describes the second procedure.
urdfdom depends on both console_bridge and urdfdom_headers. The installation of both dependencies can be done with the following command lines in a terminal :
- git clone git:// && cd console_bridge && mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && make && sudo make install
- git clone git:// && cd urdfdom_headers && mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && make && sudo make install
Finally, you just need to apply the following command line to install urdfdom library :
- git clone git:// && cd urdfdom && mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && make && sudo make install
- Boost with components unit_test_framework
### Core dependencies
- Eigen3 (version >= 3.0.5)
- Boost with components filesystem
### Optional dependencies
- urdfdom (version >= 0.2)
- LUA 5.1
- [FCL](
### Python bindings
- Python 2.7 or 3.0
- Numpy
- [EigenPy](
- Boost Python
## Acknowledgments
The development of **Pinocchio** is supported by the [Gepetto team]( @LAAS-CNRS.
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