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[Examples] Add example on how to load a Romeo with Python

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# Pinocchio examples in Python
This directory contains minimal examples on how to use **Pinocchio** with the Python bindings.
import pinocchio as pin
from pinocchio.romeo_wrapper import RomeoWrapper
## Load Romeo with RomeoWrapper
import os
current_path = os.getcwd()
# The model of Romeo is contained in the path PINOCCHIO_GIT_REPOSITORY/models/romeo
model_path = current_path + "/" + "../../models/romeo"
mesh_dir = model_path
urdf_filename = "romeo.urdf"
urdf_model_path = model_path + "/urdf/" + urdf_filename
robot = RomeoWrapper(urdf_model_path, [mesh_dir])
## alias
model = robot.model
data =
## do whatever, e.g. compute the center of mass position in the world frame
q0 = robot.q0
com =
# This last command is similar to
com2 = pin.centerOfMass(model,data,q0)
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