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Merge pull request #515 from proyan/devel

[script/robot_wrapper] add momentum function
parents 89c617ea 3606f0be
......@@ -78,6 +78,22 @@ class RobotWrapper(object):
return self.data.com[0], self.data.vcom[0], self.data.acom[0]
return se3.centerOfMass(self.model, self.data, q)
def vcom(self, q, v):
se3.centerOfMass(self.model, self.data, q, v)
return self.data.vcom[0]
def acom(self, q, v, a):
se3.centerOfMass(self.model, self.data, q, v, a)
return self.data.acom[0]
def centroidalMomentum(self, q, v):
se3.ccrba(self.model, self.data, q, v)
return self.data.hg
def centroidalMomentumVariation(self, q, v, a):
se3.dccrba(self.model, self.data, q, v)
return se3.Force(self.data.Ag*a+self.data.dAg*v)
def Jcom(self, q):
return se3.jacobianCenterOfMass(self.model, self.data, q)
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