Commit b6790138 authored by Florent Lamiraux's avatar Florent Lamiraux Committed by Florent Lamiraux
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[test] Increase maximum hessian coeffient.

parent 18aff601
......@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ using hpp::constraints::StaticStabilityPtr_t;
using hpp::constraints::RelativeCom;
const static size_t NUMBER_JACOBIAN_CALCULUS = 20;
const static double HESSIAN_MAXIMUM_COEF = 1000.;
const static double HESSIAN_MAXIMUM_COEF = 10000.;
const static double DQ_MAX = 1e-4;
const static size_t MAX_NB_ERROR = 5;
bool enable_warn_message = false;
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