Commit fdc414f9 authored by Pierre Fernbach's avatar Pierre Fernbach Committed by Pierre Fernbach
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[script] stairs10_path : use reduced rom model

parent d8bc3c9d
......@@ -4,7 +4,8 @@ from hpp.corbaserver import Client
from hpp.corbaserver import ProblemSolver
import time
Robot.urdfName +="_large_reducedROM"
Robot.urdfNameRom = ['talos_lleg_rom_reduced','talos_rleg_rom_reduced']
vMax = 0.3# linear velocity bound for the root
aMax = 0.1 # linear acceleration bound for the root
......@@ -21,9 +22,13 @@ rbprmBuilder.setJointBounds ('torso_2_joint', [0.,0.])
# The following lines set constraint on the valid configurations:
# a configuration is valid only if all limbs can create a contact with the corresponding afforcances type
rbprmBuilder.setAffordanceFilter('talos_lleg_rom', ['Support',])
rbprmBuilder.setAffordanceFilter('talos_rleg_rom', ['Support'])
for rom in Robot.urdfNameRom:
rbprmBuilder.setAffordanceFilter(rom, ['Support',])
# We also bound the rotations of the torso. (z, y, x)
# Add 6 extraDOF to the problem, used to store the linear velocity and acceleration of the root
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