Commit f1d7ee7e authored by Steve Tonneau's avatar Steve Tonneau
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added matlab function to convert convex hull into obj file

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function [] = effectorRomToObj(filename, outname)
delimiterIn = ',';
headerlinesIn = 0;
points = importdata(filename,delimiterIn,headerlinesIn);
k = convhull(points);
function vertface2obj(v,f,name)
% VERTFACE2OBJ Save a set of vertice coordinates and faces as a Wavefront/Alias Obj file
% VERTFACE2OBJ(v,f,fname)
% v is a Nx3 matrix of vertex coordinates.
% f is a Mx3 matrix of vertex indices.
% fname is the filename to save the obj file.
fid = fopen(name,'w');
for i=1:size(v,1)
fprintf(fid,'v %f %f %f\n',v(i,1),v(i,2),v(i,3));
fprintf(fid,'g foo\n');
for i=1:size(f,1);
fprintf(fid,'f %d %d %d\n',f(i,1),f(i,2),f(i,3));
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