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Author: Steve Tonneau
## Description
hpp-rbprm-corba implements python bindings for hpp-rbprm, and presents a few example files.
Please refer to this [link](https://github.com/stonneau/hpp-rbprm) for information on hpp-rbprm.
Please refer to this [link](https://github.com/humanoid-path-planner/hpp-rbprm) for information on hpp-rbprm.
##Installation on ubuntu-14.04 64 bit with ros-indigo
## Installation from binary package repository
To install hpp-rbprm-corba:
1. Add robotpkg to your apt configuration: http://robotpkg.openrobots.org/debian.html
2. `sudo apt update && sudo apt install robotpkg-hpp-rbprm-corba`
1. Install HPP-RBPRM and its dependencies
- see https://github.com/stonneau/hpp-rbprm
2. Install HPP-AFFORDANCE-CORBA along with its dependencies
- see https://github.com/anna-seppala/hpp-affordance-corba
## Installation From source on ubuntu-16.04 64 bit with ros-kinetic
3. Use CMake to install the library. For instance:
1. Follow this instructions : http://humanoid-path-planner.github.io/hpp-doc/download.html (select 'Devellopement" in the list)
2. Once this installation is complete, run `make rbprm`
mkdir $HPP_RBPRM_CORBA_DIR/build
cd cmake ..
make install
## Documentation
Open $DEVEL_DIR/install/share/doc/hpp-rbprm-corba/doxygen-html/index.html in a web brower and you
will have access to the code documentation. If you are using ipython, the documentation of the methods implemented
is also directly available in a python console.
## Example
To see the planner in action, two examples from our IJRR submission with HyQ are available. Examples with HRP-2 are also provided,
though they can only be executed if you have access to HRP-2 model.
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