Commit dd1e12f0 authored by Pierre Fernbach's avatar Pierre Fernbach
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computeCenterOfContactAtStateForLimb correctly apply the offset when the rotation is not Identity

parent e43905b2
......@@ -2134,9 +2134,8 @@ namespace hpp {
res->length ((_CORBA_ULong)2);
fcl::Vec3f& position =;
position += fullBody()->GetLimb(limb)->offset_;
fcl::Transform3f jointT(,;
fcl::Vec3f position = jointT.transform(fullBody()->GetLimb(limb)->offset_);
_CORBA_ULong size = (_CORBA_ULong) 3;
double* dofArray = hpp::floatSeq::allocbuf(size);
hpp::floatSeq floats (size, size, dofArray, true);
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