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3D normal parameters for create state

parent c481cf10
......@@ -213,11 +213,19 @@ class FullBody (Robot):
return self.clientRbprm.rbprm.generateGroundContact(contactLimbs)
## Create a state and push it to the state array
# \param q configuration
# \param names list of effectors in contact
# \param configuration configuration
# \param contacts list of effectors in contact
# \return stateId
def createState(self, q, contactLimbs):
return self.clientRbprm.rbprm.createState(q, contactLimbs)
def createState(self, configuration, contacts, normals = None):
if normals is None:
return self.clientRbprm.rbprm.createState(configuration, contacts)
cl = self.clientRbprm.rbprm
sId = cl.createState(configuration, contacts)
num_max_sample = 1
for (limbName, normal) in zip(contacts, normals):
p = cl.getEffectorPosition(limbName,configuration)[0]
cl.addNewContact(sId, limbName, p, normal, num_max_sample)
return sId
## Retrieves the contact candidates configurations given a configuration and a limb
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