Commit 11ea9998 authored by Steve Tonneau's avatar Steve Tonneau
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bug fixes on planning + new obstacle scene for hyq

parent c25e1de6
......@@ -126,6 +126,8 @@ install(FILES
......@@ -175,13 +175,27 @@ module hpp
/// constact configurations along it. setStartState and setEndState must have been called prior
/// to this function. If these conditions are not met an error is raised.
/// \param timestep normalized step for generation along the path (ie the path has a length of 1).
floatSeqSeq interpolate(in double timestep) raises (Error);
/// \param path path computed.
floatSeqSeq interpolate(in double timestep, in double path) raises (Error);
/// Saves the last computed states by the function interpolate in a filename.
/// Raises an error if interpolate has not been called, or the file could not be opened.
/// \param filename name of the file used to save the contacts.
void saveComputedStates(in string filename) raises (Error);
/// returns the size and transforms of all boxes of the octree for a limb
/// \param limbname name of the considered limb
/// \param dofArray considered configuration of the robot
/// \return transformed configuration for which all possible contacts have been created
floatSeqSeq GetOctreeBoxes(in string limbname, in floatSeq dofArray) raises (Error);
/// returns octree transform for a given robot configuration
/// \param limbname name of the considered limb
/// \param dofArray considered configuration of the robot
/// \return size 7 position + quaternion of the octree root
floatSeq getOctreeTransform(in string limbname, in floatSeq dofArray) raises (Error);
}; // interface Robot
}; // module rbprm
}; // module corbaserver
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