Commit 266fd227 authored by Florent Lamiraux's avatar Florent Lamiraux Committed by Florent Lamiraux

Update to removal of idl method lockJoint in hpp-corbaserver.

parent b35e1d63
......@@ -61,12 +61,25 @@ namespace hpp {
void LockedJointConstraint::operator ()(QString const&)
QList<QListWidgetItem *> selected = jointList_->selectedItems();
std::size_t len (0);
std::vector <std::string> lockedJointName;
foreach(QListWidgetItem* item, selected) {
const char* jointName = item->text().toStdString().c_str();
hpp::floatSeq_var config = plugin_->client()->robot()->getJointConfig(jointName);
std::string jointName = item->text().toStdString();
lockedJointName.push_back (std::string ("locked_") + jointName);
hpp::floatSeq_var config =
plugin_->client ()->robot ()->getJointConfig (jointName.c_str ());
(lockedJointName.back ().c_str (), jointName.c_str (),;
char** nameList = hpp::Names_t::allocbuf((CORBA::ULong) len);
Names_t names ((CORBA::ULong) len, (CORBA::ULong) len, nameList);
for (std::size_t i=0; i < len; ++i) {
nameList[i] = const_cast <char*> (lockedJointName [i].c_str ());
("config-projector", names);
delete nameList;
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