Commit 10b1441b authored by Joseph Mirabel's avatar Joseph Mirabel Committed by Joseph Mirabel
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Build graph in the foreground and initialize it.

parent 5f959225
......@@ -409,15 +409,13 @@ namespace hpp {
print(shapes.second); std::cout << ", ";
print(; std::cout << ", ";
print(; std::cout << ")" << std::endl;
gepetto::gui::WorkItem* item = new gepetto::gui::WorkItem_7<hpp::corbaserver::manipulation::_objref_Graph, hpp::intSeq*,
const char *, const hpp::Names_t&, const hpp::Names_t&, const hpp::corbaserver::manipulation::Namess_t&, const hpp::corbaserver::manipulation::Namess_t&,
const hpp::Names_t&, const hpp::corbaserver::manipulation::Rules&>
(hpp_->graph().in(), &hpp::corbaserver::manipulation::_objref_Graph::autoBuild, "constraints",, handles.first,
handles.second, shapes.second,,;
gepetto::gui::MainWindow* main = gepetto::gui::MainWindow::instance();
main->logJobStarted(item->id(), "Build graph");
lastId_ = item->id();
handles.first, handles.second,
main->log("Built and initialized graph");
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