Commit 09de8c19 authored by Pierre Fernbach's avatar Pierre Fernbach
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add an affordance 'support 45 degree' for tests

parent 1dd83590
......@@ -34,12 +34,14 @@ namespace hpp {
class OperationBase;
class SupportOperation;
class LeanOperation;
class Support45Operation;
typedef fcl::BVHModel<fcl::OBBRSS> BVHModelOB;
typedef boost::shared_ptr<BVHModelOB> BVHModelOB_Ptr_t;
typedef boost::shared_ptr<const BVHModelOB> BVHModelOBConst_Ptr_t;
typedef boost::shared_ptr <SupportOperation> SupportOperationPtr_t;
typedef boost::shared_ptr <LeanOperation> LeanOperationPtr_t;
typedef boost::shared_ptr <Support45Operation> Support45OperationPtr_t;
typedef boost::shared_ptr <fcl::CollisionObject> CollisionObjectPtr_t;
typedef std::vector<CollisionObjectPtr_t> CollisionObjects_t;
typedef boost::shared_ptr <OperationBase> OperationBasePtr_t;
......@@ -121,6 +121,40 @@ namespace hpp {
return (fabs ( < margin_);
}; // class LeanOperation
/// Class that contains the information needed to create affordance
/// objects of type Lean. Inherits the OperationBase class.
class Support45Operation : public OperationBase
/// Constructor that takes in user-defined parameters
/// \param margin Margin needed for the evaluation of the requirement function
/// \param nbTriMargin Margin between two triangles tested for a single
/// affordance surface. If the angle between two triangles is greater
/// than the provided margin, the triangles cannot be part of the same
/// affordance surface.
/// \param minArea Minimum area needed for the formation of an affordance object
/// \param affordanceName The name of the affordance type
explicit Support45Operation (const double margin = 0.3, const double nbTriMargin = 0.3,
const double minArea = 0.05,
const char* affordanceName = "Support45"):
OperationBase(margin, 0.05, minArea, affordanceName) {}
const fcl::Vec3f axis45_ = fcl::Vec3f(1./sqrt(2.),0,1./sqrt(2.));
/// The implementation of the requirement function for Support45 affordances
/// overrides the virtual function in class OperationBase.
/// Test if the normal in oriented with 45° up +- margin
/// \param nromal Normal vector of the tested triangle.
bool requirement (const fcl::Vec3f& normal)
fcl::Vec3f projectedNormal(0,0,normal[2]); // project normal in x,z plan
projectedNormal[0] = sqrt(normal[0]*normal[0] + normal[1]*normal[1]);
return ((axis45_ - projectedNormal).sqrLength() < margin_);
}; // class LeanOperation
/// \}
} // namespace affordance
} // namespace hpp
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