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[doc] Add documentation on macros for the entities.

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......@@ -35,6 +35,7 @@ It is providing a step-by-step way of building an entity
\section sec_htw_helpers Helpers
When writing entities you might use some macros which are very useful to write your class.
\subsection subsec_howto_typedef Entity helpers
......@@ -43,7 +44,21 @@ The header <b>entity-helper.h</b> is defining a type called EntityClassName
\section sec_howto_macros_helpers Macro helpers
\subsection subsec_howto_macros_helpers Preprocessing macros for signals
\subsection subsec_howto_macros_helpers_ent Preprocessing macros for entities
This macro creates a method <b>getClassName()</b> which returns the class name.</li>
This macro <b>should</b> be used in the declaration of the class.
<li> <b>DYNAMICGRAPH_FACTORY_ENTITY_PLUGIN(classtype,classname)</b>
This macros creates the methods necessary to have a factory building the C++ class
<b>classtype</b> from the string <b>classname</b>.
This macro <b>should</b> be used in the implementation of the class.
\subsection subsec_howto_macros_helpers_sig Preprocessing macros for signals
<li> Macro for input signals
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