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[Doc] There is no more "Built-in scripting language"

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......@@ -77,7 +77,6 @@ create instances of entities.</p>
\subsection Functionnalities
\li Built-in scripting language* for fast prototyping and testing of computational graph
\li Support for extensions and modules using dynamic link libraries
\li Template-based signal definition, independent
\li Type-safe connection of input and output signals
......@@ -153,13 +152,6 @@ The entities are the graph nodes. Signals are constructed during the class insta
from the entities. Signals are the directed edges of the graph.
The pool can write a file representing the graph of entities.
\subsection scriptingabout Building the graph
This package provides a scripting language allows entities to define their own commands, and
provides a basic framework to build dynamically the computational graph.
However bindings have been created with python in the <a href="">dynamic-graph-python package</a>
and we strongly recommend to use this package instead of the in-house scripting language.
\section usecase How to use this package
\subsection use_programmtically Programmatically
Objects, which are derived from Entities (base class dynamicgraph::Entity), can be
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