Unverified Commit 0571b3a3 authored by corentinberge's avatar corentinberge Committed by GitHub
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Update process-list.cpp

total_periode is a long long unsigned int, not a double
parent 2970e825
......@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@ void CPUData::ProcessLine(std::istringstream &aCPULine)
guest_time_ = lguest_all_time;
total_time_ = ltotal_time;
if (total_period_!=0.0)
if (total_period_!=0)
percent_ = (double)(user_mode_period_)/(double)(total_period_) * 100.0;
percent_ += (double)( nice_period_)/(double)(total_period_) * 100.0;
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