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offices - last updates from managers
parents 88fec074 c481099d
......@@ -87,8 +87,9 @@ WRONG_OFFICE = {
'Exterieur': {('Steve', 'Tonneau')},
'B63': {('Ewen', 'Dantec')},
'B65': {('Nils', 'Hareng')},
'B67': {('Pierre', 'Fernbach')},
'B69.1': {('Guilhem', 'Saurel')},
'B67': {('Michel', 'Aractingi')},
'B69.1': {('Guilhem', 'Saurel'), ('Pierre', 'Fernbach')},
'B69.2': {('Nahla', 'Tabti')},
'B90': {('Nicolas', 'Mansard')},
'B181': {('Médéric', 'Fourmy')},
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