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Merge pull request #42 from pFernbach/solo_srdf

[solo] disable collision pairs for adjacent links
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<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<robot name="hyq">
<robot name="solo">
<!-- left front leg -->
<group name="lf_leg">
......@@ -97,4 +97,18 @@
<joint name="HR_KFE" value="1.6" />
<disable_collisions link1="FL_SHOULDER" link2="base_link" reason="Adjacent" />
<disable_collisions link1="FR_SHOULDER" link2="base_link" reason="Adjacent" />
<disable_collisions link1="HL_SHOULDER" link2="base_link" reason="Adjacent" />
<disable_collisions link1="HR_SHOULDER" link2="base_link" reason="Adjacent" />
<disable_collisions link1="FL_UPPER_LEG" link2="FL_SHOULDER" reason="Adjacent" />
<disable_collisions link1="FR_UPPER_LEG" link2="FR_SHOULDER" reason="Adjacent" />
<disable_collisions link1="HL_UPPER_LEG" link2="HL_SHOULDER" reason="Adjacent" />
<disable_collisions link1="HR_UPPER_LEG" link2="HR_SHOULDER" reason="Adjacent" />
<disable_collisions link1="FL_LOWER_LEG" link2="FL_UPPER_LEG" reason="Adjacent" />
<disable_collisions link1="FR_LOWER_LEG" link2="FR_UPPER_LEG" reason="Adjacent" />
<disable_collisions link1="HL_LOWER_LEG" link2="HL_UPPER_LEG" reason="Adjacent" />
<disable_collisions link1="HR_LOWER_LEG" link2="HR_UPPER_LEG" reason="Adjacent" />
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