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[tests] no body have a 1.0 kg mass

ref #67

In case we actually have a 1.0kg body, we can still put its name into
the one_kg_bodies arg.
parent 0e937867
......@@ -2,16 +2,34 @@
import unittest
from example_robot_data import load
import pybullet
except ImportError:
from example_robot_data import load_full
class RobotTestCase(unittest.TestCase):
def check(self, name, expected_nq, expected_nv):
def check(self, name, expected_nq, expected_nv, one_kg_bodies=[]):
"""Helper function for the real tests"""
robot = load(name, display=False)
robot, _, urdf, _ = load_full(name, display=False)
self.assertEqual(robot.model.nq, expected_nq)
self.assertEqual(robot.model.nv, expected_nv)
self.assertTrue(hasattr(robot, "q0"))
if pybullet:
self.check_pybullet(urdf, one_kg_bodies)
def check_pybullet(self, urdf, one_kg_bodies):
client_id = pybullet.connect(pybullet.DIRECT)
robot_id = pybullet.loadURDF(urdf, physicsClientId=client_id)
for joint_id in range(pybullet.getNumJoints(robot_id, client_id)):
dynamics = pybullet.getDynamicsInfo(robot_id, joint_id, client_id)
if dynamics[0] == 1:
joint = pybullet.getJointInfo(robot_id, joint_id, client_id)
# with self.subTest(): # uncomment on python >= 3.4 to get full list of wrong bodies at once
self.assertIn(joint[12].decode(), one_kg_bodies)
def test_anymal(self):
self.check('anymal', 19, 18)
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