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speed up ordered_projects

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import json
import logging
import re
from functools import cmp_to_key
from subprocess import check_output
from django.conf import settings
......@@ -1258,40 +1259,39 @@ def ordered_projects():
""" helper for gepetto/buildfarm/ """
fields = 'category', 'name', 'project__main_namespace__slug', 'project__ccache'
bad_ones = Q(main_namespace__from_gepetto=False) | Q(robotpkg__isnull=True) | Q(archived=True)
library_bad_ones = (Q(library__main_namespace__from_gepetto=False) | Q(library__robotpkg__isnull=True)
| Q(library__archived=True))
main = Project.objects.exclude(bad_ones)
ret = main.all().exclude(dependencies__isnull=False)
rest = main.all().exclude(id__in=ret)
lst = sorted(list(Robotpkg.objects.filter(project__in=ret).values_list(*fields)))
print(ret.count(), rest.count())
while rest.exists():
new_ret = []
for prj in rest:
if all(d.library in ret for d in prj.dependencies.exclude(library_bad_ones)):
lst += sorted(list(Robotpkg.objects.filter(project__in=new_ret).values_list(*fields)))
ret = Project.objects.filter(Q(id__in=ret) | Q(id__in=[ for p in new_ret]))
rest = rest.exclude(id__in=[ for p in new_ret])
print(ret.count(), rest.count())
# Ensure that py-XX is after XX
switch = []
for i, (cat, pkg, ns, ccache) in enumerate(lst):
main = (cat, pkg[3:], ns, ccache)
if pkg.startswith('py-') and main in lst and i < lst.index(main):
switch.append((i, lst.index(main)))
for old, new in switch:
lst[old], lst[new] = lst[new], lst[old]
def get_deps(cat, pkg, ns, lst):
projects = Project.objects.exclude(bad_ones)
rpkgs = list(Robotpkg.objects.filter(project__in=projects).values_list(*fields))
deps_cache = {}
def get_deps(cat, pkg, ns, rpkgs, ccache):
"""Get the robotpkg dependencies for a given robotpkg."""
with (settings.RAINBOARD_RPKG / cat / pkg / 'Makefile').open() as file_handle:
cont =
deps = [d_pkg for d_cat, d_pkg, _, _ in lst if f'\ninclude ../../{d_cat}/{d_pkg}/\n' in cont]
if pkg.startswith('py-') and (cat, pkg[3:], ns, ccache) in lst:
deps = [d_pkg for d_cat, d_pkg, _, _ in rpkgs if f'\ninclude ../../{d_cat}/{d_pkg}/\n' in cont]
if pkg.startswith('py-') and (cat, pkg[3:], ns, ccache) in rpkgs:
return sorted(set(deps))
return [[cat, pkg, ns, get_deps(cat, pkg, ns, lst), ccache] for cat, pkg, ns, ccache in lst]
deps_cache[pkg] = sorted(set(deps))
return deps_cache[pkg]
rpkgs = [[cat, pkg, ns, get_deps(cat, pkg, ns, rpkgs, ccache), ccache] for cat, pkg, ns, ccache in rpkgs]
def get_rdeps(deps):
"""Recursively get robotpkg dependencies for a given robotpkg."""
rdeps = set()
current = set(deps)
while current:
rdeps |= current
new = set()
for dep in current:
new |= set(deps_cache[dep])
current = new
return rdeps
def project_sort_key(prj):
"""Generate a key to sort projects: by number of recursive dependencies, then python bindings, then name."""
cat, pkg, ns, deps, ccache = prj
return (len(get_rdeps(deps)), 1 if pkg.startswith('py-') else 0, pkg)
return sorted(rpkgs, key=project_sort_key)
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