Commit 4058cc34 authored by Guilhem Saurel's avatar Guilhem Saurel
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parent 4f5a2954
......@@ -538,7 +538,12 @@ class Robotpkg(NamedModel):
path = '-wip/wip' if self.category == 'wip' else f'/{self.category}'
return f'{RPKG_URL}/rbulk/robotpkg{path}/{}'
def update(self, pull=True):
def update_images(self, pull=False):
for target in TARGETS:
image, _ = Image.objects.get_or_create(robotpkg=self, target=target)
def update(self, pull=True, pull_image=False):
path = settings.RAINBOARD_RPKG
repo = git.Repo(str(path / 'wip' / '.git' if self.category == 'wip' else path / '.git'))
if pull:
......@@ -562,11 +567,7 @@ class Robotpkg(NamedModel):
with (cwd / 'DESCR').open() as f:
self.description =
for target in TARGETS:
image, created = Image.objects.get_or_create(robotpkg=self, target=target)
if created:
def valid_images(self):
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