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checks: currently 1079 issues

parent c6e7ba69
import logging
from import BaseCommand
from rainboard.models import Project, Robotpkg
ATTRIBUTES = ['homepage', 'license', 'description']
NUM_ATTRS = ['license']
logger = logging.getLogger('')
def exclude_falsy(qs, attr):
falsy = 0 if attr in NUM_ATTRS else ''
return qs.exclude(**{f'{attr}__isnull': True}).exclude(**{attr: falsy})
class Command(BaseCommand):
help = 'Checks some metadata'
def handle(self, *args, **options):
for attr_name in ATTRIBUTES:
print(f'\nChecking {attr_name}s\n')
for project in Project.objects.all():
attr = getattr(project, attr_name)
if not attr:
logger.warning(f'project {project} has no {attr_name}')
for rpkg in exclude_falsy(project.robotpkg_set, attr_name):
rattr = getattr(rpkg, 'comment' if attr_name == 'description' else attr_name)
logger.warning(f' found in rpkg {rpkg}: {rattr}')
for repo in exclude_falsy(project.repo_set, attr_name):
rattr = getattr(repo, attr_name)
logger.warning(f' found in repo {repo}: {rattr}')
for rpkg in project.robotpkg_set.exclude(**{attr_name: attr}):
rattr = getattr(rpkg, 'comment' if attr_name == 'description' else attr_name)
logger.warning(f"project {project}'s rpkg {rpkg} {attr_name}: {attr} Vs. {rattr}")
for repo in project.repo_set.exclude(**{attr_name: attr}):
rattr = getattr(repo, attr_name)
logger.warning(f"project {project}'s repo {repo.git_remote()} {attr_name}: {attr} Vs. {rattr}")
print(f'\nChecking robotpkgs\n')
for robotpkg in Robotpkg.objects.all():
repo, project_repo = robotpkg.master_repository, robotpkg.project.main_repo().url
if repo and ' ' in repo:
repo = repo.split()[1]
if repo != project_repo:
logger.warning(f'{robotpkg} master_repository: {repo} != {project_repo}')
version, project_version = robotpkg.pkgversion, robotpkg.project.version
if 'r' in version:
version = version.split('r')[0]
if version != project_version:
logger.warning(f'{robotpkg} version: {version} != {project_version}')
if robotpkg.maintainer not in ALLOWED_MAINTAINERS:
logger.warning(f'{robotpkg} maintainer: {robotpkg.maintainer}')
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