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add authorization token retrieval for private docker registries

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......@@ -778,7 +778,19 @@ class Image(models.Model):
return ['docker', 'push', self.get_image_name()]
def update(self, pull=False):
r = requests.get(self.get_image_url())
headers = {}
if not self.robotpkg.project.public:
image_name = self.get_image_name().split('/', maxsplit=1)[1].split(':')[0]
token = requests.get(
f'{self.robotpkg.project.main_forge.url}/jwt/auth', {
'client_id': 'docker',
'offline_token': True,
'service': 'container_registry',
'scope': f'repository:{image_name}:push,pull'
auth=('gsaurel', self.robotpkg.project.main_forge.token)).json()['token']
headers['Authorization'] = f'Bearer {token}'
r = requests.get(self.get_image_url(), headers=headers)
if r.status_code == 200:
self.image = r.json()['fsLayers'][0]['blobSum'].split(':')[1][:12]
self.created = parse_datetime(json.loads(r.json()['history'][0]['v1Compatibility'])['created'])
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