Commit e4ce499c authored by Maurice Fallon's avatar Maurice Fallon
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I have changed this to aicp_input_poses.csv

this signifies that aicp_input_poses.csv is written out by aicp.
It should always be in the folder containing the pointclouds written out
by aicp
parent 87e72cfe
......@@ -253,7 +253,7 @@ void App::processFromFile(std::string file_path){
// Reach the input poses file:
std::stringstream ss;
ss << file_path << "/input_poses.csv";
ss << file_path << "/aicp_input_poses.csv";
ifstream in( ss.str() );
vector<vector<double>> fields;
if (in) {
......@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ AppROS::AppROS(ros::NodeHandle &nh,
ROS_WARN_STREAM("[Aicp] Writing input clouds to file. Only do this in post processing");
std::stringstream input_poses_filename;
input_poses_filename << data_directory_path_.str() << "/input_poses.csv";
input_poses_filename << data_directory_path_.str() << "/aicp_input_poses.csv"; (input_poses_filename.str().c_str() );
input_poses_file_ << "# counter, sec, nsec, x, y, z, qx, qy, qz, qw\n";
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