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minor things, fix topic

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......@@ -31,6 +31,10 @@
<param name="working_mode" value="debug" />
<!-- Fixed frame (default: map, debug: map_test -->
<param name="fixed_frame" value="$(arg fixed_frame)" />
<!-- default is /aicp/pose_corrected -->
<param name="output_channel" value="/aicp/pose_corrected" />
<param name="lidar_channel" value="/point_cloud_filter/velodyne/point_cloud_filtered" />
<!-- Prior map info -->
<param name="load_map_from_file" value="$(arg load_map_from_file)" />
<param name="map_from_file_path" value="$(arg map_from_file_path)" />
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<arg name="rviz" default="true"/>
<arg name="rviz_minimal" default="true"/>
<arg name="quadruped_name" default="anymal"/>
<arg name="quadruped_setup" default="minimal_mb_inspection_v_1_2"/>
<arg name="description_name" default="quadruped_description"/>
<arg name="world" default="empty"/>
<param name="use_sim_time" value="true" />
<!-- Load robot description -->
<include file="$(find anymal_boxy_description)/launch/load.launch">
<arg name="description_name" value="$(arg description_name)"/>
<arg name="simulation" value="false"/>
<arg name="velodyne" value="true"/>
<arg name="realsense" value="true"/>
<arg name="rviz_config_path" default="$(find aicp_ros)/config/rviz/config_aicp.rviz"/>
<!-- rviz -->
<group if="$(arg rviz)">
<include file="$(find anymal_rviz_visualization)/launch/rviz.launch">
<arg name="rviz_world_path" value="$(arg world)"/>
<arg name="rviz_config_path" value="$(arg rviz_config_path)"/>
<arg name="tf_minimal" value="false"/>
#!/usr/bin/env python
# example showing publishing of a pose and a point cloud
# then moving the point cloud by moving the pose ... but not republishing
# the point cloud
# this is very useful for SLAM
import rospy
from geometry_msgs.msg import TransformStamped
from geometry_msgs.msg import *
from tf2_msgs.msg import TFMessage
from visualization_msgs.msg import Marker
import tf
import math
import numpy
import time
pub = rospy.Publisher("/tf", TFMessage, queue_size=10)
vis_pub = rospy.Publisher("/visualization_marker", Marker, queue_size=10)
def handle_odom_to_map(msg):
print "x"
tfm = TFMessage()
this_t = TransformStamped()
this_t.header = msg.header
this_t.header.frame_id = "odom"
this_t.child_frame_id = "map"
this_t.transform.translation = msg.pose.pose.position
this_t.transform.rotation = msg.pose.pose.orientation
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