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......@@ -95,11 +95,14 @@ The default steps perform frame-to-reference localization and mapping, and inclu
1. `roscore`
2. EITHER `rosrun rviz rviz -d [PATH_TO]/drs_base/git/aicp/aicp_ros/config/rviz/simple_aicp.rviz`
3. OR `roslaunch aicp_ros view_recorded_rosbag_aicp_simple.launch`
- **Log:**
- `rosbag play --clock --pause [PATH_TO]/[FILE_NAME].bag`
- **AICP launch:**
- **AICP mapping -- frame-to-reference**: `roslaunch aicp_ros aicp_mapping.launch`
- **AICP localization only -- frame-to-map**: `roslaunch aicp_ros aicp_localization_only.launch`
- **Log:**
- `rosbag play --clock --pause yourbagfile.bag`
- [You can download the bag file from the experiment in the video here](ftp://ftp.robots.ox.ac.uk/pub/outgoing/aicp/anymal_2019-04-17-12-59-42_filtered_aicp_input.bag)
**LCM** (discontinued)
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