Commit 9deaf4b4 authored by jcarpent's avatar jcarpent
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[Joints] Fix potential bug with old version of GCC when using block selector

parent db2f658d
......@@ -257,14 +257,14 @@ namespace se3
operator*(const typename InertiaTpl<_Scalar,_Options>::Matrix6 & Y,
const typename JointSphericalZYXTpl<_Scalar,_Options>::ConstraintRotationalSubspace & S)
return Y.template block<6,3> (0,Inertia::ANGULAR,0,3) * S.S_minimal;
return Y.template middleCols<3>(Inertia::ANGULAR) * S.S_minimal;
inline Eigen::Matrix<double,6,3>
operator*(const Inertia::Matrix6 & Y,
const JointSphericalZYX::ConstraintRotationalSubspace & S)
return Y.block<6,3> (0,Inertia::ANGULAR,0,3) * S.S_minimal;
return Y.middleCols<3>(Inertia::ANGULAR) * S.S_minimal;
namespace internal
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