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......@@ -67,11 +67,23 @@ If you are not satisfied, you have to use the [web interface](http://axis-ptz1).
The second records the current view. It is meant to be run in `eur0c:/local/axis`
## ``
## `Testing various integration situations using robotpkg`
Creates a directory ${HOME}/devel-src/robotpkg-test3 in which robotpkg and ${USER} wip from gepgitlab
are cloned.
Then the script bootstrap robotpkg and add the file ./etc/addrobotpkg.conf to the default
From this the script tries to compile talos-simulation and talos-dev.
### Testing various release candidates branches
If you want to try various HEADs of repositories to test their integrities or
various topics, the script []( shows how to realize this.
The python script will create a directory
where it will set a robotpkg directory on one side, and an install directory
with all the compiled binaries.
The robotpkg directory will include all the branches specified in the
form of a list of pairs.
### Testing using our own robotpkg fork and with distfiles
[]( is particularly well suited if you want to test releases for which
you have created distfiles. This is usefull when you want to avoid downloading the whole
robotpkg infrastructures. It shows also how to specify your own robotpkg repository, and
the robotpkg root directory where to perform all the installation.
\ No newline at end of file
PREFER.ros-catkin = system
PREFER.ros-comm = system
PREFER.ros-genlisp = system
PREFER.ros-message-generation = system
PREFER.ros-std-msgs = system
PREFER.ros-rospack = system
PREFER.ros-message-runtime = system
PREFER.ros-roscpp-core = system
PREFER.ros-xacro = system
PREFER.ros-common-msgs = system
PREFER.ros-lint = system
PREFER.ros-com-msgs = system
PREFER.ros-com-msgs = system
PREFER.bullet = system
PREFER.ros-ros = system
PREFER.ros-cmake-modules = system
PREFER.ros-dynamic-reconfigure = system
PREFER.ros-realtime-tools = system
PREFER.ros-control-toolbox = system
PREFER.ros-bond-core = system
PREFER.ros-class-loader = system
PREFER.ros-pluginlib = system
PREFER.ros-rqt = system
PREFER.ros-humanoid-msgs = system
PREFER.ros-genmsg = system
PREFER.ros-actionlib = system
PREFER.ros-geometry = system
PREFER.collada-dom = system
PREFER.orocos-kdl = system
PREFER.ros-angles = system
PREFER.ros-console-bridge = system
PREFER.ros-eigen-stl-containers = system
PREFER.ros-random-numbers = system
PREFER.ros-resource-retriever = system
PREFER.ros-shape-tools = system
PREFER.ros-geometric-shapes = system
PREFER.ros-srdfdom = system
PREFER.ros-robot-model = system
PREFER.ros-orocos-kdl = system
set -x
NC='\033[0m' # No Color
printf "User: ${USER}\n"
#Phase 1
printf "${RED}Creating the repositories${NC}\n"
export ROBOTPKG_ROOT=${HOME}/devel-src/robotpkg-test3
mkdir -p ${ROBOTPKG_ROOT}/
mkdir -p ${ROBOTPKG_ROOT}/install
printf "${RED}Cloning robotpkg${NC}\n"
git clone
cd robotpkg
printf "${RED}Cloning robotpkg/wip ${NC}\n"
git clone${USER}/robotpkg-wip.git wip
printf "${RED}Boostrapping ${NC}\n"
cd bootstrap
./bootstrap --prefix=${ROBOTPKG_ROOT}/install
# Phase 2
# Build talos simulation
printf "${RED}Preparing robotpkg.conf${NC}\n"
cat ${PWD}/etc/addrobotpkg.conf >> ${ROBOTPKG_BASE}/etc/robotpkg.conf
cd ${ROBOTPKG_ROOT}/robotpkg/wip/talos-simulation
env &> /tmp/check-env-rpkg
printf "${RED}Compiling (quite long...)${NC}\n"
make install -j 8
cd ${ROBOTPKG_ROOT}/robotpkg/wip/talos-dev
env &> /tmp/check-env-rpkg
printf "${RED}Compiling (quite long...)${NC}\n"
make install -j 8
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