Commit 06d1f7f8 authored by ehebrard's avatar ehebrard
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parent fa9e271d
from .blossom import *
from .adaboost import *
from .wrapper import DTOptions, Wood, WeightedDatasetI, Tree, BacktrackingAlgo, Adaboost
from .wrapper import DTOptions, WeightedDatasetI, WeightedDatasetD, TreeI, TreeD, BacktrackingAlgo, BacktrackingAlgo, WeightedBacktrackingAlgo, WeightedBacktrackingAlgod, Adaboost
from .wrapper import parse, read_binary
......@@ -176,16 +176,14 @@ namespace blossom {
/* %template(WoodI) Wood<int>;
%template(WoodD) Wood<double>;
%template(WoodD) Wood<double>;*/
%template(TreeI) Tree<int>;
%template(TreeD) Tree<double>;*/
%template(TreeD) Tree<double>;
%template(WeightedDatasetI) WeightedDataset<int>;
%template(WeightedDatasetD) WeightedDataset<double>;
%template(BacktrackingAlgo) BacktrackingAlgorithm<CardinalityError, int>;
%template(WeightedBacktrackingAlgo) BacktrackingAlgorithm<WeightedError, int>;
%template(WeightedBacktrackingAlgod) BacktrackingAlgorithm<WeightedError, double>;
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